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Engaging in a photography course can be a transformative experience. The allure of capturing the world through a lens takes a distinctive form in this HDR Photography course, led by acclaimed instructor RC. The course's structure facilitates an in-depth exploration of HDR photography through seventeen meticulously designed lessons, each contributing to the comprehensive understanding of this photographic style.

Our journey begins in an abandoned church situated in the hauntingly beautiful city of Gary, Indiana. RC reveals the reason behind choosing this spot – the amalgamation of varied textures, an aura of mystery, and a perfect blend of light and shadow. This marks the first lesson: the importance of location selection in HDR photography.

Following the introduction, the course proceeds into the technical territory, exploring the intricacies of HDR camera setup. RC helps students understand the elements that contribute to an exceptional HDR image and provides a step-by-step guide on how to adjust the camera settings for the perfect shots, demonstrating the role of equipment in HDR photography.

In the third module, the course delves deeper into creative techniques with HDR panoramas. RC guides students on how to shoot a bracketed panorama, which can later be merged into a visually striking HDR panorama, illustrating the possibilities of expanding HDR photography into panoramic images.

The course then leads us to a narrow hallway within the church, showcasing the possibilities of shooting in confined spaces. Despite the contrasting light conditions, RC demonstrates techniques to capture detailed and interesting visuals, emphasizing the importance of working with the environment, regardless of its limitations.

Next, the course focuses on the impact of colors and details in HDR photography. Using a spot rich in various textures, colors, and surfaces, RC illustrates how such elements can enhance the detail and color richness of an HDR image.

The sixth lesson takes us into the realm of post-processing. Here, RC demonstrates the HDR processing workflow, using tools like Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop, offering a comprehensive view of the post-production process.

In lesson seven, the course deepens its focus on HDR panoramas. RC displays a step-by-step method to tone map images and stitch them together, forming an impressive HDR panorama, highlighting the importance of post-processing techniques in achieving the desired outcome.

Following that, RC explores an alternative workflow with Bridge, showcasing the software's utility in processing HDR images, and emphasizing the adaptability required in photography post-processing.

In the ninth session, the focus shifts to sharpening techniques in exposing HDR photography. RC shares various methods to accentuate certain areas in an image, making them the focal point, thus underlining the power of editing in directing the viewer's attention.

The next segment deals with the unpredictable aspects of shooting on location. An unexpected intruder during the shoot serves as a practical lesson in adaptability and quick decision-making in real-world photography scenarios.

In the eleventh lesson, RC ventures into incorporating models into exposing HDR photography. By capturing an HDR portrait, he displays how to balance the dynamic range to enhance the subject, thus teaching the critical skill of managing subject and background in HDR photography.

The twelfth lesson is about processing an HDR image with a model under time constraints. RC displays efficient techniques for rapid yet effective processing, demonstrating the ability to work under pressure and within deadlines in professional photography.

Lesson thirteen is a serendipitous encounter with a model who happens to be perfectly positioned for an HDR shot. This unplanned event underscores the importance of being ready to seize photographic opportunities as they arise.

The fourteenth session presents a dramatic turn of events. Unhappy with the results, cameraman Adam calls off the shoot, highlighting the importance of teamwork and communication in a professional setup.

The subsequent lesson brings a light-hearted interlude. Steve, attempting to find Adam, gets lost, while RC continues the shoot undeterred, underlining the significance of perseverance and maintaining focus amidst obstacles.


RC Concepcion
RC is an award winning photographer and author of the best selling books Get Your Photography On the Web and The HDR Book. An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has over 20 years in the I.T. and e-commerce industries and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite.


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