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About This Course

Are you an enthusiastic photographer, either an amateur or a young professional, who already has a solid foundation in photography and post-processing? If you have a passion for equine and/or canine photography and wish to take your skills to the next level, I am pleased to offer you a unique opportunity for growth. Join me for an immersive and personalized workshop experience, where we will explore the art of capturing stunning equine and canine images.

These workshops are available as either individual sessions, tailored exclusively to your needs, or as small group workshops (with a maximum of three participants) to foster a collaborative learning environment. Throughout the course of a full day, you will engage in a comprehensive program that encompasses:

Theoretical Component: Delve into the world of equine and canine portraiture as we explore the nuances and intricacies of capturing captivating images. We will discuss essential topics such as understanding animal behavior, selecting optimal camera settings for different shooting situations, and mastering composition techniques that effectively showcase the grace and beauty of our equine and canine subjects.
Practical Component: Experience the thrill of photographing horses and/or dogs in action during two dedicated photo sessions. With hands-on guidance and personalized feedback, I will help you refine your skills in capturing the essence of these magnificent animals. Whether it's freezing the motion of a galloping horse or capturing the playful spirit of a lively dog, you will gain valuable insights and techniques to elevate your photography to new heights.
Post-Processing Component: In this segment, I will provide a detailed explanation of my post-processing workflow, focusing on Lightroom and Photoshop. Discover the techniques I employ to enhance the visual impact of my images and bring out the true essence of the subjects. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to apply these techniques to your own photographs from the day's shoot. I will offer personalized guidance and insights to help you refine your editing skills and achieve the desired results.
By the end of this enriching workshop, you will not only have gained a comprehensive understanding of my working methodology but will also possess the necessary tools to plan and execute equine and canine photoshoots with confidence. Furthermore, armed with enhanced post-processing skills, you will have the ability to breathe life into your images and achieve the desired artistic vision. As a tangible outcome, you will leave the workshop with a collection of stunning images to enhance your portfolio and showcase your newfound expertise.

To ensure a productive learning experience, please remember to bring your photography equipment, including your camera, lenses, and any other accessories. Additionally, having your own laptop with Lightroom installed is crucial for the post-processing segment, allowing you to actively participate and apply the editing techniques discussed.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your skills, refine your artistic vision, and gain valuable insights from a professional in the field. Sign up for one of my workshops today and embark on a transformative journey in equine and canine photography.

Acquired Knowledge

Les règles de la composition (améliorer son cadrage et la composition de ses images) et l'intention artistique
La gestion de la lumière


Le mode manuel sur votre appareil photo


Céline Dufourd
Céline Dufourd is a notable photographer whose exceptional body of work resonates with individuals worldwide. Céline's journey into photography started with a keen interest in visual arts, which she transformed into a passionate career. Her dedication and talent have shaped her path, allowing her to develop a distinctive style that sets her apart in the photography industry. Born and raised in the culturally rich and diverse environment of France, Céline was drawn to the world of art from an early age. She was captivated by the power of visual storytelling, which ultimately led her to explore the realm of photography. She pursued her passion and, after years of diligence and hard work, graduated with a degree in photography. Following her graduation in the mid-2000s, Céline embarked on her professional journey as a freelance photographer. This decision marked a significant milestone in her career, providing her with the flexibility to explore various genres of photography while maintaining her individualistic style. Céline's body of work is vast and varied. From portraiture to landscapes, to street and documentary photography, she has developed an impressive portfolio that showcases her exceptional ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Her images tell stories, evoke emotions, and provoke thought, displaying a unique combination of technical proficiency and artistic vision. Her portraiture, for instance, is known for its deeply empathetic approach. Céline has an innate ability to connect with her subjects on a personal level, enabling her to capture their essence in a way that is both honest and profound. This approach has earned her considerable recognition and appreciation from clients and peers alike. Céline's landscape photography, on the other hand, displays a remarkable understanding of natural light and composition. She has the ability to transform everyday scenes into breathtaking visuals that leave viewers in awe. Her landscapes are not merely images; they are visual narratives that invite the viewer to delve into the beauty and complexity of the natural world. In the realm of street and documentary photography, Céline shines with her candid captures of life's fleeting moments. Her photographs are a window to the world, revealing the beauty, chaos, and intricacies of daily life. Her work in this genre serves as a testament to her observational skills and her ability to capture decisive moments with finesse. Over the years, Céline Dufourd has been recognized by several organizations for her outstanding contributions to the field of photography. Her photographs have been exhibited in several prestigious galleries and have earned her awards and accolades, solidifying her reputation as a leading figure in contemporary photography. Beyond her work as a photographer, Céline is also committed to education and mentoring. She conducts photography workshops and masterclasses, sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion with budding photographers. Her dedication to fostering the next generation of photographers is indicative of her love for the art form and her desire to see it flourish. Céline Dufourd's journey in the field of photography is a testament to her passion, talent, and commitment. Her body of work serves as an inspiration to both seasoned photographers and those just embarking on their photography journey.


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