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About This Course

Develop your creative edge and transcend conventional photography with our comprehensive course on conceptualizing and executing an editorial photo shoot. Despite being an essential skill for many professional photographers, many shy away from this endeavor, deeming it a Herculean task. This course aims to break down these perceived barriers and guide you through the entire process, step by step.

The course is structured around the journey from conceptualization to the final export of the photos. Led by our expert instructor, Manon Clavelier, you will discover the path to bring your most creative portrait shoot ideas to life. Manon, a seasoned photographer, will share her wealth of experience in organizing editorial photo shoots, making the process not only understandable but also enjoyable.

The course kicks off by helping you understand what an editorial photo shoot entails. Editorial photography is about storytelling; it's about crafting a narrative through a series of images. This opens up enormous creative possibilities but can also seem daunting. That's why we start with the foundation - finding inspiration. You will learn various techniques to stoke your creativity and formulate a unique, engaging concept for your shoot.

The next step is learning how to transform your concept into a reality. This part of the course covers the practical aspects of planning and preparing for an editorial photo shoot. You will learn how to scout for suitable locations, source props and accessories that fit your concept, and recruit a team that can bring your vision to life. The importance of assembling a competent team – consisting of models, makeup artists, stylists, and assistants – cannot be overstated, and you will receive guidance on how to select and manage your team effectively.

Once you've planned your shoot, the course guides you through the shooting process. You will receive advice on how to direct your team on the shoot day, manage your time effectively, and adapt to unexpected challenges. Manon will share tips on how to create compelling compositions, work with different light conditions, and ensure the photos you capture align with your initial concept.

The final part of the course delves into post-processing. You will learn how to select the best photos from your shoot and use editing software to enhance your images and further develop your story. Manon will teach you advanced editing techniques to refine your images and achieve a cohesive look across your series of photos.

This course aims to empower you to step outside your comfort zone and undertake the challenge of organizing an editorial photo shoot. It provides a clear, comprehensive guide that takes the fear out of the process, demonstrating that with the right guidance and a step-by-step approach, anyone can master this art. Through practical examples, useful tips, and detailed explanations, Manon Clavelier welcomes you to this transformative journey.

Whether you are an amateur photographer seeking to expand your skills or a professional looking to add a new dimension to your portfolio, this course offers you the opportunity to explore the dynamic world of editorial photography. So, join us and let your creative ideas finally materialize in the most spectacular way.

Acquired Knowledge

Vous serez au point avec la gestion des modèles, le travail de lumière, le cadrage ainsi que la gestion du flux d'images.


Manon Clavelier
Based in Belgium, Clavelier has traversed the globe with her camera, creating images that speak volumes and tell compelling stories. Her creative approach, technical skill, and undeniable talent set her apart, making her one of the most respected figures in contemporary photography. Born in a small town, Clavelier discovered her love for photography as a teenager. This passion grew as she began to perceive the world through a new lens, documenting her experiences and observations. As her technique and style evolved, so too did her desire to make a career out of her passion, ultimately leading her to professional photography. Manon Clavelier is renowned for her captivating landscape and nature photography. With an impeccable eye for composition and light, she skillfully captures the world's natural wonders, from the majestic peaks of the Alps to the serene beauty of the Belgian countryside. Clavelier’s images evoke a profound sense of wonder and tranquility, immersing viewers in the beauty of the natural world. But Clavelier's talent extends beyond landscapes. She is also a respected portrait photographer, celebrated for her ability to reveal the character and essence of her subjects. Whether she's capturing a fleeting moment of joy or a contemplative expression, Clavelier's portraits are deeply personal, full of emotion, and beautifully composed. In addition to her landscape and portrait work, Clavelier is recognized for her exceptional travel photography. Her photographs are visual diaries of her journeys, encapsulating the culture, people, and landscapes of the places she visits. Each image is a reflection of her deep respect and curiosity for the world and its diverse inhabitants. From bustling city streets to remote rural landscapes, Clavelier's travel photography is both breathtaking and insightful, offering viewers a glimpse into different corners of the world. Clavelier’s work also includes commercial and editorial photography, where she collaborates with brands and publications to create striking visual content. Her commercial work retains her unique artistic style, combining technical precision with creative flair. Her ability to understand and translate a brand's vision into powerful images has led her to work with numerous clients across various industries. As a dedicated photographer, Clavelier continually pushes the boundaries of her craft. She engages in constant exploration and experimentation, using different techniques and technologies to express her creative vision. This dedication to continual learning and growth has seen her evolve as an artist, always refining and developing her unique style. Beyond her photographic talent, Clavelier's success can be attributed to her professional approach. She is known for her commitment to her clients, delivering high-quality work with meticulous attention to detail. Her approachable personality and ability to put people at ease make her a favored choice for many. Despite her success, Clavelier remains grounded and passionate about her craft. She believes in the power of photography as a medium of expression and a tool for communication. For Clavelier, every photograph is an opportunity to tell a story, evoke an emotion, or capture a moment in time. Clavelier's work has not gone unnoticed. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries and featured in various publications, a testament to her talent and skill. As she continues to carve out her unique path in the world of photography, Manon Clavelier is a name to watch, an artist to follow, and above all, a photographer to admire. Her passion, skill, and creative vision continue to inspire those around her and remind us of the profound beauty that can be found when we take the time to truly see the world around us.


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