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About This Course

The work of a photographer is so much more than just taking photos. One of the key factors for getting that perfect shot is that the model should feel comfortable enough to show their character with a camera pointed at them, and therein lies the importance of knowing how to direct on set. Eduardo Gómez, better known as Alter Imago, started out photographing rock bands in his studio. It was this that set him on the path towards portraiture and artistic photography, which in turn helped him become an expert in the art of directing models. In this course, learn strategies and techniques for directing models and planning what poses you want for your photos. Eduardo shares a full range of tips and tricks for conveying your ideas and feelings through imagery.


Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gómez Muñoz, more commonly known as Alter Imago, has been a professional photographer for 14 years. Although he started out as a rock band photographer, he has since specialized in portraiture and artistic photography, digital retouching, photo manipulation, and advertising photography. Since 2015, he has been regularly posting on his YouTube channel Alter Imago fotografía, where he has 90K subscribers and more than 36 million minutes of watch time. He won the silver medal in the digital illustration category at the 2018 Photography World Cup in Sydney, Australia as well as the Nation Awards in Dublin, Ireland.


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