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About This Course

Are you passionate about photography and dream of becoming a professional photographer? Our comprehensive course is designed to help you achieve your goal by providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the industry.

Throughout the course, you will embark on a transformative journey where you will develop your technical expertise, creative vision, and professional acumen. By completing a series of 10 practical assignments, you will gradually refine your skills and gain a deep understanding of the photography industry.

As a home study student, you will have access to our exclusive Online Learning Centre, which serves as a hub for all your learning materials. Created by industry experts, these resources include a variety of instructional videos, informative written content, and engaging assignments. This comprehensive collection of materials will empower you to learn at your own pace and provide you with a solid foundation in photography.

To ensure your success, our dedicated tutors will be there to guide and support you throughout your learning journey. They will provide valuable insights, expert knowledge, and personalized feedback to help you grow as a photographer. Through our Online Learning Centre, you can easily connect with your tutors and fellow students, fostering a collaborative and enriching learning environment.

The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at a pace that suits your lifestyle. On average, dedicating around 15 hours per week to your studies will enable you to complete the course in 12 months. If you have more time to commit, studying approximately 30 hours per week can accelerate your progress, allowing you to finish the course in just 6 months. However, we understand that everyone has unique circumstances, so you have up to 36 months to complete the course, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own convenience.

Upon completion of the course, you will have gained a comprehensive skill set that will enable you to confidently pursue a professional career in photography. You will have developed a keen eye for capturing compelling images, mastered the technical aspects of your camera, and acquired the necessary knowledge to plan and execute successful photography projects.

Whether you aspire to work in portrait photography, fashion and glamour, or even wedding photography, our course will equip you with the expertise and confidence to succeed in your chosen field. We believe that photography is an art form that requires both technical skill and creative vision, and our course will help you master both aspects.

So, if you are ready to embark on an exciting journey to becoming a professional photographer, enroll in our course today. Unleash your creativity, get a diploma in photography, and unlock your full potential. Let us support you in achieving your dreams and turning your passion for photography into a rewarding career.

Acquired Knowledge

Equivalent to level 4 on the RQF


18 years old or over


British Academy
Former students of the British Academy of Photography have gone on to manage real-life photography projects, secure employment with leading photography companies and start their own businesses.


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