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About This Course

There's more to speedlights than just portability. Join the amazingly talented Lou Freeman as she shares the wisdom gained from three decades worth of fashion, glamour, and beauty photography to show you how creative you can get with speedlights on location and in the studio.

Acquired Knowledge

rom the basics of setting up your lights to her favorite accessories, Lou talks through all of the settings and gear she uses throughout the class. You'll see Lou work in a variety of locations from the soft light of a fine interior to the harsh light of the beach, before heading into the studio, and all along the way Lou shares her tips, techniques, and tricks for using speedlights in ways that will really make your images stand out from the rest.


Lou Freeman
Lou Freeman is a renowned American photographer whose career spans over four decades. Known for her vibrant, elegant, and striking images, she has made a significant mark in the world of fashion, glamour, and lifestyle photography. Her work is characterized by a distinctive blend of creative vision, sophistication, and an uncanny ability to capture the inner essence of her subjects. Lou Freeman’s early career as a photographer began with a noteworthy tenure as one of the few female staff photographers for Playboy magazine. Here, she broke new ground, combining a unique perspective of feminine allure with a fresh approach to glamour and beauty photography. Her skill and creativity quickly propelled her to prominence in the industry. Beyond her work in glamour photography, Freeman has also made significant contributions to commercial, advertising, and fashion photography. Her clients have included notable brands and corporations, showcasing her capacity to capture the heart of a brand’s image through the lens of her camera. Freeman's photographs have been seen in numerous magazines and advertisements, conveying compelling narratives through visually stunning imagery. In addition to her commercial work, Freeman is an accomplished portrait photographer. She has a knack for creating intimate, captivating portraits that not only depict the physical likeness of her subjects but also reveal their personalities and emotions. This unique ability has made her a sought-after photographer for personal portraits, corporate headshots, and celebrity portraiture. Lou Freeman is not just an accomplished photographer but also a dedicated educator and mentor. She has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of budding photographers through her workshops and speaking engagements. Her educational endeavors focus on sharing her knowledge and insights about lighting techniques, business strategies, and the art of creating captivating images. Freeman's work has earned her numerous awards and recognition in the photography industry. She was named a Canon "Explorer of Light," a title bestowed upon select photographers who have achieved a high level of success and serve as ambassadors in the world of photography. This recognition is testament to Freeman's contribution to the industry as an artist, innovator, and mentor. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Lou Freeman continues to redefine the boundaries of photography with her artistic style, keen attention to detail, and relentless passion for her craft. Her legacy is not only seen in her own images, but also in the work of the many photographers she has inspired and guided throughout her career.


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