— Mary Bel




About This Course

Learn how to incorporate your personality into your portraits and let it shine through the camera! Join Mary Bel as she walks you through how to take everyday materials and turn them into something different that can give your photography a beautiful elevated feeling.

Acquired Knowledge

Making something from nothing is super fun and completely attainable, and by the end of the class, you’re sure to take away inspiration, ideas, and tips that you can apply to your own creative journey.


Mary Bel
Mary Bel is a Guru award-winning artist and KelbyOne student. She is a fine art photographer based in Orlando, Fl. Mary Bel specializes in self-portraiture and styled artistic portraits. She creates images of what she wishes to see happening and manipulates them into her own world through her work as a photographer and storyteller. She was recently awarded the Sony Alpha Female+ grant and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Arts from Fordham University.


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