Become a Better Photographer - Part I 

— Bernie Raffe



About This Course

This comprehensive photography course offers a treasure trove of over 50 video tutorials, each packed with valuable tips and tricks to enhance your DSLR or compact camera photography. Whether you're an amateur just starting out or an enthusiast looking to refine your skills, this course is designed to cater to photographers of all levels.

What sets this photography training apart is its practicality and effectiveness. You'll witness immediate improvements in your photos as you apply the techniques taught in each video. The instructor adopts a fun and engaging teaching style, making the learning experience enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Plus, the course cuts out the tedious and mundane aspects, ensuring that your focus remains on the most important aspects of photography.

The tutorials cover a wide array of subjects, and you'll be surprised to discover that some of the most powerful tips are non-technical in nature. While basic camera settings are explained, the emphasis lies in maximizing the use of light, perfecting composition, and mastering the art of posing. Regardless of whether you own a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or a compact camera, these tips are universally applicable, allowing you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning images.

To gain full access to the course, you'll need to become a paid member. However, before committing, you can explore several FREE photography training videos. These samples will showcase the caliber of the tips and tricks provided, giving you a taste of the valuable knowledge you can acquire.

The course curriculum encompasses a vast range of topics, including an in-depth understanding of the "Exposure Triangle" and liberating yourself from the Auto mode. You'll discover a simple yet powerful pro tip to achieve incredible natural portrait lighting that flatters your subjects. Sharpen your images through improved focusing techniques and adept utilization of shutter speeds. Learn to harness the beauty of natural light and effectively handle sunlight. Unleash the full potential of your images by understanding the direction of light and utilizing composition techniques to add drama and creativity. Delve into the art of posing to capture flattering shots of both individuals and groups. Elevate your flash photography skills to produce captivating results. Master the control of depth of field and unlock the secrets behind achieving breathtaking blue skies instead of washed-out white skies. Discover the art of photographing in the snow, avoiding camera shake, and immortalizing the splendor of fireworks. Gain a fresh perspective on the relationship between megapixels and image quality. Demystify digital cameras and their settings to leverage their full capabilities.

The curriculum encompasses many more invaluable lessons, all aimed at empowering you to capture stunning photographs that leave a lasting impression. The instructor's expertise and enthusiasm shine through each tutorial, making the learning process engaging and inspiring.

Enroll in this course now and unlock a world of photographic possibilities. Witness firsthand the brilliance of these tips and tricks that will elevate your photography and become a better photographer. Join the community of satisfied students who have already experienced remarkable growth and improvement in their photography skills. Don't miss out on the chance to explore your creative potential and create awe-inspiring images that will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Acquired Knowledge

Understand the 'Exposure Triangle' and get out of the Auto mode.
Get incredible natural portrait lighting with this one simple pro tip that will flatter your subjects
Get sharper images with better focusing technique and use of shutter speeds
Working with natural light and dealing with the sun
How understanding the direction of light can dramatically improve your photos
How to use composition to take more dramatic and creative images


Bernie Raffe
I'm a professional photographer based in UK, I'm originally from London's East End where I grew up in the 50's and 60's. I've been passionate about photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera when I was just 11 years old (a Kodak Brownie 127)! I'm qualified as a photographer to 'Associate' level with both the MPA (Master Photographers Association), and the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) in the UK. I've taught other professionals at various conventions, and I'm also a guest speaker on cruise ships, plus I'm in demand as a speaker to beginner and keen amateurs at camera clubs.


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