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About This Course

The SLR Lounge Lightroom classic Crash Course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip photographers with all the essential skills and knowledge needed to quickly master Adobe Lightroom. In just a few hours, this course will guide you through the fundamental principles and functionalities of Lightroom, allowing you to create stunning imagery with ease.

The course is structured to provide a concise and focused learning experience, diving straight into the core concepts of Lightroom's Develop Module. Here, you will learn how to transform ordinary RAW files into extraordinary images by harnessing the powerful editing tools and techniques offered by Lightroom. Through step-by-step demonstrations and practical examples, you will discover how to optimize exposure, adjust colors, enhance details, and apply creative effects to elevate your photographs to new heights.

In addition to the Develop Module, this course covers all the other crucial features and functionalities of Lightroom. You will learn how to efficiently manage your photo library, organize your files using keywords and metadata, and employ advanced filtering and sorting techniques to easily locate your images. The course also delves into the importance of workflow optimization, providing insights and strategies to streamline your editing process and maximize productivity.

The instructors behind this course are experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of Lightroom's capabilities. Their expertise and practical approach ensure that you receive the most relevant and valuable information, empowering you to make the most of Lightroom's extensive features and tools.

By the end of the SLR Lounge Lightroom Crash Course, you will have a solid foundation in Lightroom and be equipped with the skills to create exceptional imagery. You will have the confidence to tackle any photographic challenge, knowing how to effectively manage your workflow, organize your photos, and enhance your images to perfection.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to familiarize yourself with Lightroom or an experienced photographer looking to refine your editing skills and optimize your workflow, this course is designed to meet your needs. With its concise yet comprehensive approach, it ensures that you can quickly grasp the essentials and start producing outstanding results in no time.

Enroll in the SLR Lounge Lightroom Crash Course today and unlock the full potential of Adobe Lightroom. Elevate your photography to new heights and unleash your creativity with this indispensable tool for image editing and organization.

Acquired Knowledge

Import and organize images and video
Adjust and correct images and video
Export and share images and video


Jared Platt
Jared Platt is a name that carries weight in the world of photography, not merely as a proficient photographer, but also as a passionate educator. Over the course of two decades, he has been dedicated to educating, inspiring, and guiding aspiring photographers to hone their skills and artistry, fully aware that mastering photography goes beyond simply mastering the camera. Platt's philosophy of education is deeply rooted in a hands-on learning approach, underpinned by his understanding that observing a master at work, while beneficial, does not match the value of practical experience. It is in the crucible of trial and error, of personal attempts and resultant failures, that the most profound learning occurs. It is this conviction that shapes his innovative teaching approach. His teaching methodology resonates with the principles of the Socratic method. Much like the ancient Greek philosopher who engaged his students in stimulating intellectual dialogues, Platt creates an interactive learning environment where ideas are exchanged, questions are encouraged, and critical thinking is fostered. Instead of imposing information, he aims to draw out understanding from his students, believing that the answers often lie within the students themselves, waiting to be unearthed through thoughtful questioning and exploration. In his photography workshops, Platt is known for demonstrating techniques and explaining concepts before allowing students to step into the driver's seat. He creates a safe space for them to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them, acting as both a guide and a collaborator. His teaching style emphasizes learning through doing, echoing the famous Chinese proverb, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." But his role as an educator goes beyond teaching technical skills and artistic techniques. He pays close attention to his students' individual experiences, addressing their unique challenges, and encouraging them to develop their personal photographic style. He understands that photography, as an art form, is deeply personal and subjective, and thus he endeavors to nurture each student's individuality and creative voice. Platt's experience, creativity, and talent coalesce into an extraordinary learning experience for his students. His workshops are not simply instructional sessions but carefully curated journeys of discovery, exploration, and artistic growth. His enthusiasm for teaching is palpable, and his dedication to his students' success is unwavering. In a world where information is readily available, Platt reminds us of the irreplaceable value of mentorship. He represents a bridge between knowledge and understanding, between theory and practice, and between dreams and achievements. He brings to the table not only his technical expertise but also his passion for storytelling, his eye for detail, and his empathetic understanding of the unique struggles and triumphs that define the journey of every photographer. Jared Platt is more than a photographer or an educator. He is a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration to many who dare to venture into the fascinating world of photography. He looks forward to meeting and working together with aspiring photographers, accompanying them as they navigate their own journeys towards capturing the beauty, complexity, and myriad emotions of life through their lenses.


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